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Toy Tractors and Farm Toys

Farm Toys

You're a collector at heart.  And farm toys, both modern day and those dating back to the early 1900s, can bring your vision of farm life to your home.  If you can unlock the secrets of antique farm toys, you can find miracles.  Both children and adults have been finding them for years now.  Farm toys can take you from sadness to happiness.  From then to now.  And on to an exciting, more appreciative world. 

During the early 1900s, many of America's children were growing up on farms.  Because of these any change as well as developments in farm equipment were echoed in custom farm toys created by toy manufacturers. 

Farm toy tractors and other farm machinery were being made as late as the 1960s in huge quantities.  As you may already know many of the old collectible farm toys have decals embedded or the printed names of the most popular full-sized farm equipment makers like John Deere and International Harvester. 


Many older farm toys parts are made from cast-iron and for this reason, can be quite expensive.  Plus toy makers are no longer mass producing farm related toys since America has made the transition to industrialization and the demand is not has high as it has been in the past. 

But, what you can count on is that custom farm toys will have an attention to detail that is amazing.  You can find farm animal toys, cast-iron hay rakes, corn planters, mowers, and of course no collection would be complete without toy farm tractors. 

Not only can you buy antique farm toys but you can purchase specialized farm toys made exclusively for you.  You can have a farm toy created for you or your child with special, intricate details .  Online you can find toy manufacturers who specialize in designing farm toys.  Turn it into a family heirloom that can be passed down from one generation to the next.  Custom farm toys can be added to any set you have.  Create your own incredibly rare and valuable toy easily.


Now the staple in any farm toy collection is a tractor.  Custom farm toy creators are able to design moving parts to really create a special piece.  Although fixed toy parts are typically the standard, having movable farm parts will be like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. 

For instance, if you are purchasing a tractor then you want the wheels to move and the steering wheel to turn back and forth.  If engine parts move or you have a movable top, then the toy is even more valuable.

A good rule of thumb is to compare prices on different farm toys before you make a commitment or jump in feet first for a purchase.  Look at all the details.  Consider the craftsmanship.  Figure out if the toy will be placed in your treasured collection to support your inner child or as a gift for a child to play with.  From rustic farm truck toys to simple cast-iron hay rakes, nowadays you can easily find what you want at an affordable price.